tile floor installations phoenix

Our tile installation service is at the highest quality standard in the Phoenix area. Tile floors vary in size and thickness making it important to hire an experienced installer for long lasting results. We offer installations for all varieties of tiles. We can install your tile on diagonal, brick pattern, straight, or any other popular trend you prefer. The most popular tile sizes are 18x18, 20x20, and 24x24. Tile with wood looking patterns may come in 6x24, 6x36, and 8x40 just to name a few.

Choosing tile for your home has many benefits which include saving on energy costs, easy to clean surface, and will also raise the value of your home. When installing tile, it is very important to make sure the floors are leveled. This will insure longer lasting results.

There is more work involved when installing tile upstairs. The first step of upstairs installations is to install concrete boards, wonderboard, or beckerboard. Although, concrete boards are the most common for these projects. Most tiles today are installed with very thin grout lines which provide a better style, and also helps with cleanliness. Thin grout lines don’t show as much dirt as thick grout lines. With this in mind, it is always important to choose the right contractor for these tile projects. Contact us for a high quality professional tile installation service. We would like to help.