At Bolder Image Floors, we have great pride in our work. Our laminate flooring installations are precise to ensure long lasting quality results. Our laminate installation service begins with a cleaning process of the floor where the laminate will be installed making sure there is no debris or dirt. For a better design of your floor layout, we set the laminate planks parallel to the longest wall. This layout design is recommended if aesthetics is on your priority list.

To ensure the floor has a firm base, we install the first plank with the groove towards the wall. Against the wall, we place 1/2in spacers and push the first plank against them. With this space, an expansion gap is created so the floor can expand and contract, and not warp. At the end of each plank, we also make sure the spacers are placed around 12 inches or so along the wall to make sure the molding will cover the gaps. We will Stagger the joints of the flooring when installing subsequent rows, and when starting a new row, we may leave six to eight inches so the joint at the ends of the planks are not lined up row to row. Having the planks lined up row to row, can weaken the floor and create a uniform look. After ensuring all details are looked over and every laminate piece of material is installed correctly, the finished result is a bold image floor. Contact us for a professional installation of your new laminate floor. We would like to help.