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Rock Pebble Tile Home Design

Areas to Install Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are an amazing detail to add to any environment no matter if you are going for a modern design, colonial style design, or even southwestern style home design. You can add pebble tiles to bathrooms, showers, kitchens, fireplaces, living rooms, or any other area. It’s all a mater of personal taste! Being creative with your pebble tile will always “raise the volume” in an environment, and will almost always be a centerpiece of the room you choose to put them.


No two sheets of pebbles will be the same considering these are natural stones. Prior to installing your pebble sheets you may want to inspect them and remove any stones that are too different from the rest of the pebbles, and replace them with extra pebbles from one of your sheets. It’s just a matter of personal taste.

Sealing Your Pebbles Stones

It is recommended to seal your pebbles before and after installing the stones. Without sealing the pebbles, the stones may be stained and turn colors after coming into contact with liquids due to the absorbent nature of natural stone. Sealing the stones will prevent them from absorbing liquids, and this should be done every 2 years to keep the stones “healthy”.

Types of Pebble Tiles

Typically pebble tile is found in 3 basic types”

Standard or Basic Pebble Tiles

Standard pebbles tiles are all natural and uncut stones. No modifications have been made.

Sliced Pebble Tiles

These are tiles comprised of the same type of natural pebbles and they have been sliced or cut so that they are all completely level and flat.

Standing Pebble Tile OR Stacked Pebble Tile

These are tiles that are made up of pebbles which are bigger than the first two types, and cut in half with the flat side on the bottom and the rounded side on the face of the tile.

For a wide selection of pebble tiles, visit our store location. We have all types of pebble tiles for a great price.

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