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Wood looking tile has become really hot on the market, from 2010 to 2015 peoples interest on wood tile has increased almost 300%. The main reason is its durability, its realistic wood look, it feels like wood, and you don’t have to worry about making the floors wet as is the case with laminate or real wood. Also, it is scratch resistant to pets, unlike laiminate and hardwood floors. To clean the wood tile, just mop the floors like you like any other tile floor. Most people today love the wood look floors, but the cost of laminate or hardwood is very high. Tile that looks like wood is far less expensive and can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room etc. Another great benefit with wood looking tile is that it won’t go out of style like regular tile does. Wood floors have been around for thousands of years and its not going anywhere. If you want your house to look amazing and to have zero worries, choose wood look Tile. There are many sizes available.

Wood Tile vs. Laminate

Laminate floors look great and they may be good for an RV or moving vehicles. People also install them on their homes. Some laminate looks nice. One of the biggest differences between laminate floors and wood looking tile is that Laminate can get ruined if it gets wet. On the other hand, wood looking tile is 100% resistant to liquids. Another benefit to tile that looks like wood is its noise reduction. Laminate floors have a hollow sound that most people don’t like. Wood look tile does not have a sound like laminate does. Laminate or cork are in the same category. They are not durable and its difficult to maintain them. For example, if you have company over and a bunch of people walk all over your house, you may want to disinfect the floors when they leave. But, its kind of hard to do because you can’t make the laminate or wood floor wet like you can with wood looking tile. Also, If your house gets flooded, you will need to replace the floors if you have lamiante or hardwood. This is not the case with wood looking tile. Wood looking tile can be installed in any part of your house worry free. Laminate is not recommended for bathrooms, kitchen areas & laundry room.

Wood Tile Installation

Installation for tile that looks like wood is very easy. Wood looking tile can be installed over concrete only. So if you have a second floor and want to install wood looking tile, no problem at all. But first you will need to install concrete boards over plywood before installing your tile. There are many patterns to install wood looking tile: straight pattern, looks like wood pattern, herringbone pattern, and may more. Wood looking tile is recomended to be installed with Thinset/Mortar for best results. You must have a grout joint when installing tile from ⅛ and up.

Our Wood Looking Tile Products and Services

We carry a huge selection of tile that looks like wood. We have top quality products: Emser, MSI Marble Stone International, Bedrosians, Eleganza, Florim USA, Marazzi, Dal Tile, Armstrong, Arizona Tile, American Olean and much much more. We also have our own lines that we import. Our product lines change all the time and have so many beautiful samples to show you at our showroom. Visit our showroom today for most recent and up to date samples.