We provide the highest quality thinset formula, and produce it at our warehouse located here in Phoenix AZ. Our special formula thinset sets porcelain, ceramic tile, and all types of stone. Perfect for interior and exterior use, is especially designed to be an easy spread, and meets ANSI A118.4 standards.


We carry both 1/2in and 1/4in backer board at an incredibly low price. The Custom Building Products WonderBoard Lite Backer Board provides a stable and strong surface for installing tile or stone, and helps protect against moisture. This backer board is Ideal for both interior and exterior substrate applications. Our backer board protects against excessive moisture in wet areas such as showers, saunas and steam rooms.


We carry industry standard wood glue, which can be used for all types of wood floors including hardwood, laminate, and engineered wood flooring. DriTac 7300 is easy to spread and easy to clean when wet. This glue provides a permanent bond and allows installers to increase productivity with its easy spread, and easy clean formula. DriTac 7300 is non-slumping, low in odor, and offers superior coverage.


We carry 6lb, 7lb, 1/2in, 3/8in, and all our pads are FHA approved. These pads are perfect for absorbing sound, providing a more comfortable surface for walking, and also help reduce the level of stress placed on the back and legs while walking around the space. This extra cushioning between the floor and the carpet is especially important when the underlying floor is concrete or a similar material that is extremely rigid.


The 2 In 1, and 3 in 1 underlayment provides a cushion between the floor and the subfloor and compensates for slight subfloor irregularities. Our underlayment provides a thermal barrier, reducing the "cold floor" feeling common to floors that are directly bonded to the subfloor.


We carry a local brand grout produced here in Phoenix Arizona. Brilliance Sanded Grout provides superior flexural and bond strength, high compressive strength, and excellent color control with minimal florescence. No additives are required, just mix with water. The grout is acceptable for joints 1/8" up to 1/2", Ideal for both residential and commercial applications. ANSI A108.1, A108.4, A108.5, A108.7, A108.10, A118.6, and A118.7